GDFAS Meetings take place in the Sir Ian Wood building at the RGU Garthdee complex.  


2017/18 Lecture Season 



Feedback from Jan 10 Meeting

Mr Peter Medhurst - Vivaldi in Venice.   This lecture, with live musical performance, explores the amazing world of Vivaldi's music that is as intrinsically Venetian as the canvasses of Canaletto.


90 Members attended  (57% of Membership)

15 Visitors attended

Satisfaction Rating  4.2  (Max score 5 from 18 respondents).

Comments Included:  "........informative and engaging lecture given by an enthusiastic and erudite lecturer..."; "....accomplished and knowledgeable presentation......."; "Perfect for a driech January evening in Aberdeen."; ".......much too musically technical for me......".


Feedback from Feb 14 Meeting

Mr Mark Hill - Undressing Antiques.  The state of the antiques market and the different meanings of the word 'value' are considered and what and why current and future generations are buying and displaying.

72 Members Attended (46% of Membership)

7 Visitors Attended

There was insufficient feedback to furnish a satisfaction rating

Only one member provided any feedback in which the content of the lecture was rated “good” but the member raised concerns over its audibility.


Feedback from Mar 14 Meeting

Mr Bertie Pearce - Charles Dickens - the Man and his Life through his Characters.  Dickens brought into the world a staggering array of wonderful characters and this talk looks at the life and places of Dickens, interspersing the events with readings.  A truly Dickensian experience.

77 Members Attended (49% of Membership)

6 Visitors Attended

Satisfaction Rating 4.5 (Max score 5 from 22 respondents).

 Comments Included:  "........instructive and entertaining..."; "........gave us a real drive to read more Dickens...."; "....thoroughly engaging and entertaining......."; "Dickens' characters brought back to life....."; ".....entertaining but its subject was literary not art and design which is the remit of the Arts Society.........".


Feedback from April 11 Meeting

Mr Malcolm Kenwood - Fakes and Forgeries: the Art of Deception.   Experts have estimated that a high percentage of all works within the art market are fake.  This lecture reveals some case studies demonstrating the lengths to which forgers will go.

84 Members Attended (53% of Membership)

14 Visitors Attended

Satisfaction Rating 3.9 (Max score 5 from 17 respondents).

Comments Included:  ".......great fun and highly informative...."; ".......great expertise and knowledge...."; "..........much food for thought later, when viewing in art galleries....."; ".........perhaps a few more visuals would have been helpful........".


Feedback from May 9 Meeting

Fundraiser - earlier start at 6.30pm, followed by Mr Gavin Plumley - Gustav Klimt: Imperial Muralist turned Radical Painter.  Klimt was a prominent figure in the Viennese fin de siècle.  The talk looks at the many changes in his life from muralist to his rejection of public pomp and the impact this had on his style.

71 Members Attended (45% of Membership)

9 Visitors Attended

Satisfaction Rating 3.9 (Max score 5 from 9 respondents).

Comments Included:  "....... Riveting! ....."; "...... First rate lecture ....."; "....... I really liked the re-interpretation of The Kiss - it made me think! ......"; " ..........I would have preferred more about the artist, and less history ......"; "......An excellent lecture, full of insight and humour ....."; " .....A superb lecture - enlightening, informative and highly enjoyable ...."

The Fundraising Activities contributed over £600 to the Young Arts Project.

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June 13

Mr Richard Box - Children as Artists.  Children's Art has been discovered only recently in the history of time as being of utmost importance in creative, emotional and spiritual development.  This impassioned lecture describes how children create without being taught.



















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